Baby on the Mind, Chelsea Wants to Expand Her Ever Growing Family!

With family in mind, Chelsea Houska has been recently sharing her desire to expand her family. Already with a daughter, a son, and a loving husband, Chelsea had not too long ago introduced some chickadees into her home, surprising fans with the new additions when she said she was expanding her family with new members.     However this time around, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star shared her desire for

Singapore Ranked Most Expensive Country In The World

For 4 consecutive years running now, Singapore has been named the most expensive city to live.   According to research done by economists, they’ve compiled a report with the results of a cost of living survey that went out in countries across the world. This survey logged the prices paid for hundreds of products and services, which include the costs of basic necessities, daily travel, and household items.    

Burger King Announces Whopper Toothpaste

Burger King has been known for their hi-jinks while partaking in the April fool’s celebrations, but coming out a few days before the actual date has the internet a bit confused.   Still unsure whether this is an amazing April fool’s prank or actual expansion into dental hygiene, as there have been reports saying this product will be made readily available in locations in France and pharmacies overseas. You can

Popular Events Around the United States

Philadelphia Flower Show:   Philadelphia flower show will provide the new look of endless flower fields of Holland to the visitors that are coming to the show. This festival is billed as the largest events in the U.S and runs through March 19. Last year around 255,000 people came to visit this festival. Geneva Motor Show 2017:   New concepts and models were introduced at the 87th Geneva Motor Show.

Riots Erupt in Georgian City of Batumi

Hundreds have protested against the police in Georgia for arresting several men who refused to accept parking fines. The protesters tried to storm a police building; therefore, tear gas and rubber bullets were used against them to scatter them.     Sources have shared that there were roughly 1,000 people in the area, who had surrounded the cities primary police station. The area was in utter chaos, as over a

US National Weather Service Declares State of Emergency for North-Eastern States

Severe blizzard warnings were issued throughout numerous states located in the North-Eastern states of the U.S., disrupting services and travel around the areas.   Winds reaching upwards of 60 mph had been reported, with authorities advising those wishing to hit the roads to abandon their plans and stay indoors. It has been reported that these storms had affected over 50 million people throughout the area.     Meteorologists had predicted

Trump Blames Obama for Recent Leaks

President Donald Trump has told he believes that the former President Barack Obama is behind the leaks within his administration and all the protests that Republicans have faced across the country.   The President attended an interview on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” where he was asked if he believed Obama was the responsible for the town hall protests against Republicans this month.     “It turns out his organization

Emma Watson Explains Why No More Selfies With Fans

The former Harry Potter movies’ star, Emma Watson, has revealed why she doesn’t take pictures with fans anymore. Watson also referred to her struggles with self-doubt and on having a normal life when her Hermione’s days were reaching the end.   “I’ve been doing this since I was a child, which has made me thought, ‘is this a fit for me? I don’t know if this will all work out,”

Bill Gates: "Robots Should Pay Taxes"

Bill Gates, known as one of the greatest inventors of our times, has surprised a lot of people after stating that robots that “steal human jobs” should pay taxes in an interview past Friday.   Gates, as we said, surprised a lot of people with his declarations, where he rants about the possibilities that robot taxes could bring to the country. He told Quartz that robot taxes might fund projects

Suicide Bombers Attack Shrine in Pakistan

Being labeled as one of the worst moments in the history of Pakistan, there was a suicide bombing inside the Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. Located in Sehwan, Pakistan, it has been estimated that at least 90 people were killed within the shrine, with over 300 more severely injured during the attack.     The attack happened when pilgrims had been inside the shrine, performing a Sufi ritual following their